Tough Romance

Solo Exhibition
30 June - 30 July 2018 / Ruci Art Space / Jakarta, Indonesia

“The image of the child represents the strongest, the most ineluctable urge in every being, namely the urge to realize itself.” Jung, C.G. Memories, Dreams, Reflections, p. 174. ‘Tough Romance’ refers to Natisa Jones’s multifaceted relationship between the conscious self, external influences, and the inner child. When most children play they enter into dislocating dream-like trances. These are places of freedom and innocence where all things are possible, and where different versions of a reality outside of time exist. The inner child sparks the thrill and love of creating, romanticizing life. It exists amongst realms of external conditions. Tough Romance is Natisa’s attempt to harmonize this relationship between the inner child and its external context. This harmony is what enables her to sustain the love and pureness in creating and of life itself, embracing the dynamics of external factors.

Her works begin with a graphic stroke or a wandering line, they carry no preconceived notion of where things will lead. The focus is within the extraction of feelings, through a dialogue with the Self. Recognizing and empathizing with all the different truths is part of a necessary, ongoing process. Perhaps it is to have a better sense of the monumental fragment of life. The layers of paint reflect the struggles and resolutions, allowing each image to form naturally. Her solo exhibition provides an intimate delight into Natisa’s attentive mind, where the mundane, fascinating and confused subjects of daily topics are cultivated into works packed with emotions. There are three distinct works in this exhibition, drawing, video and mainly, painting. Each medium plays an equally important role in the understanding and development of Natisa’s artistic practice.

Coz We Care   14.9 cm x 20.9 cm Marker, pen on paper Bali 2014 (Tough Romance Solo Exhibition 2016)

Coz We Care

14.9 cm x 20.9 cm
Marker, pen on paper
Bali 2014
(Tough Romance Solo Exhibition 2016)